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Welcome to 5 Star Astrology®™!

We are a team of dedicated astrologers with in-depth knowledge of Astrology. Our philosophy is to give serious astrological services with a human touch. We are proud to have a large customer base - we've never received a single complaint!

While we also use computer software to make calculations of planetary trends, every single analysis we make is based on our hard work. We rely on our growing knowledge of astrology - unlike others who merely rely on computers. All calculations are manually checked - using the latest discoveries on pure and applied physics and astronomy.

Unlike other astrologers, we do not believe that people born under a certain month have the same character, fate, and destiny. We read your astrological fate by looking at the exact day, time, and place you were born. We believe that every single person in this world is unique, and that their astrological reports should be unique as well. After all, stars, planets, and everything else in the universe is constantly changing. By determining the exact positions of these elements, we predict your fortune according to scientific astronomical facts and figures.

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